Thursday, 22 May 2014

Liver Clinic Catch Up : 20th May

Hey Guy's !
Hope your all okay?
Yesterday I had liver clinic so figured I would give you a little catch up with how it went.
To start with I was originally meant to go in today but for the past week I haven't been filling tip top which you will have seen if you follow me over on twitter.
So in I went a day early to check everything was okay.
I went in too early - oops.
Which meant me mom Annabell and violet had to sit around and wait,and long story short ended up getting seen at 3ish..
That's enough to make you ill I tell you ha ha.
In I went to get weighed and I was right..
I've put on some wait and I'm now 10stone 4lbs - which I'm hoping to bring down to 10stone BUT we shall see,
and everything else in reference to blood pressure and such looked fine so I was starting to feel like a bit of a wolly like I was worrying for no reason..
Still better to be safe then sorry right?
So in we went to see my doctor,and after a congratulations from him he started asking what was wrong and I reeled of what felt like the worlds biggest list of symptoms ever.
Bottom line - I have been tested to see if I have Cealic disease which could be the cause of swelling and we are waiting for LFT's.
I haven't heard anything as yet,I'm guessing since they were taken at 3ish yesterday afternoon,so I shall have to see if i get a call tomorrow.
I have to say I'm kind of panicking about these bloods,I don't feel quite right and any transplant patient will tell you that's sometimes no matter how many times someone says - don't worry
You do the complete opposite!
In other news though - soon I will becoming a mentor for the patients transitioning over from the children's hospital to the Q.E which is super exciting.
It means alot that the QE team feel I can be someone that people can relate to and approach in a very important and scary part of there life!
For this reason I will be uploading more transplant related posts - and would love if anyone has ANY questions relating to transplant!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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