Monday, 5 May 2014

Impulse Purchases & Clever Sales?

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
So Im currently sat out in the garden on a sunny-ish bank holiday chilling out while I know shopping centres all over will be jam packed with savvy shoppers shopping al the bank holiday sales!
Recently a company called Raise Contacted me about there fantastic website.
Raise is a marketplace for shoppers to buy unwanted and unused gift cards (Sorry UK readers,right now the site is only useable by our American Friends,But I was informed Raise are hoping to expand internationally soon!)
This great Idea got me thinking,as great as giftcards can be its never good when you get one as a gift for somewhere you'd never normally shop!
And I have been in the past too swap with my mom for cash if its for a store she would use - Oops.
The problem is being a blogger,your forever discovering new products your lusting over and end up splurging on - I have quite a few impulse blogger backed purchases !
So what do I do to make sure my money stretches?

I have to be honest I am generally pretty good at not impulse buying - but thats not to say I often find myself trying to convince myself why I needed that extra lipstick and give reasoning to why I just had to snap that offer up..
My Savvy Shopping Tips?
Don't fall for yearly subscirptions of Beauty Boxes..
I used to use these when I was first growing my collection,because they sound liek a right good deal BUT soon found I was spending my money on mostly samples and things I would never use...
So now?
If I recieve an email with a preview of products in the next box,I will get a one of month box! Otherwise I tend to stay away...
Save your money and instead buy something you know you will use!
Shop 3 for 2 Deals. 
If your looking at getting a few new things try and get them during 3 for 2 deals.
This means you'll get to try them out and get one free!
One thing with this though?
Try and get products that are the same kind of price - this way you will be getting the most of the deal,because don't forget you alkways get the cheapest thing free so why get 2 things that are £15 then one which is £4?
Get that pallette you've been after for ages for free instead!
Use loyalty cards - dont just keep them in your purse!
I have two I use religously - Boots & Superdrug.
With these you collect points and then you can use them to get things in store!
I have used this since I was 17?
There fantastic to build your points up to save for christmas or occasions to buy those gifts you are abit short on cash to get!
Groupon & Virgin Experience.
Groupon is a great site to use if you want to get something for a saving !
Groupon sell lots of varied items,as well as experience days and holidays.
They have adjustments on prices for a day or so so its a speed sale in essence.
The only problem with this? You can end up buying lots of things that you'll never use just because the deal pulled you in - not good!
Virgin experience sells vouchers that enable you to have experience days,so photoshoots,helicopter rides and all that kind of thing.
Now I love getting these as gifts as they are available at budget prices and mean someone gains a memory of something fun.
The only downside of this great site is that they all have expiry dates on them - you need to book them asap to be sure you dont forget about them!
Really theres always lots of deals around but the problem is sometimes they can seem so good we don't want to miss out,but sometimes they're too good to b e true with lots of terms and conditions..
So if your going to buy something ?
Sure make the most out of deals BUT don't get pulled in by these great deals if your not going to really need what your buying - thats a waste of money!
Don't forget for my fab american readers, go check out Raise!
Maybe you have a gift card you have sitting around you wont use ? Go Sell it!
And need a gift card? Why not go buy one and help someone out!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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