Thursday, 15 May 2014

FujiFilm Instax Mini8 - Talking Transplant Talks Weddings!

Hey Guy's !
Hope your all okay?
Today I had an exciting wedding delivery!
Me & My other half aren't one for super formal photos,and I love to be able to have something physical to keep looking back at - so with those two things together poloroid sprang to mind,and in particular the Instax Mini I have been seeing everywhere lately!
I opened it up to this cute yet hipster looking packaging which shows a few images of what you can create with your camera but realisticly you wouldnt be able too - polaroid style cameras all about the imperfections anyway!

I got our camera for £99 which also included 70 shots - fab value!
These will be used throughtout the day and the evening and placed in our blue polaroid picture album which is on its way.. (something blue and all that stuff)

The camera we went for was the white one,simply as it would look best on the day really!
It looks so cute and is perfectly sized for hand held shots.

Its very simple to use,to power it on you click the little button by the lense and it will pop out,allowing you to select a lighting option,and then click the shutter button positioned below the view finder (Which I will need to keep in mind as the view finder is not anywhere near the lense so the pictures will be slightly off angle!)

With 5 light settings there is one suitable for every lighting scenario,perfect for a wedding which is a whole day occasion with varying lighting and such!

Once a photo is taken it pops straight out the top of the camera - and there is your handheld memory of the day.
I loved the idea of having some poloraid type pictures in an album for us to look back as they are alot more informal then the classic photography shots we will also be getting!
The camera produces buisness card size prints perfect to just pop in a wallet or purse!
I can't wait to use this on the day,not long at all now!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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