Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Happy Anniversary.

So,Today I won't be starting this post of as a "Hey Guys" post..
This is a very personal post and I wanted to use my little piece of the Internet here on my blog to share this piece of writing really...
So if your not one for soppy pieces of writing?
Your probably better of skipping this one..
I wanted to wish my gorgeous Fiance a very happy anniversary.
Yet again we have another year where we are not together on our anniversary due to him being away but soon we will have a new anniversary date when we get married in two months.
Eeek Exciting
Never have I ever met someone who has accepted me for everything I am and what I stand for as much as Gareth does.
Skipping back to when we met I was a frail ill girl who was relying on a NG tube in her nose to help her gain weight and get her strength back to recover from another liver transplant.
And He was,well.. Everything but that.
A very sociable confident person - and had everything going for him.
I can still remember now the day I typed a message to him just to say hi.
Which Gareth still insists I constantly flirted with him but I think he forgets it took me about a week to actually talk to him on the phone as I was so scared of saying something silly!
And then it just went from there.
First we went on a date and I just fell for him straight away,there was just something I loved about him.
I think it kinda helped how different we were,it helped me realise life needs to be fun too!
And it's now made me the person I am,
you helped me find parts of me that I lost along the way during my illness and I can never thank you enough for bringing back the 'old kate' and improving her really ha ha.
We have been through some very testing times,yet here we are.
Stronger then ever and about to start our future together as a married couple.
So I just wanted to write a little message (as well as texts,emails and facebook statuses..) to say thank you for all your support in everything I do,because I am so proud of you,so even though another anniversary passes where we aren't together - you are doing something great right now!
I Love You,
And Thank you for always reminding me on down days that life is amazing,especially when your in it :)
Love You Always

(See I warned you it would be cheesy he he)

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