Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Granny Takes a Dip - Lush Review

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
This saturday while walking round Birmingham city centre I decided to make a trip into Lush after I'd saw a few things online I wanted to try...
The first thing that I was really intrested to try was this bath ballistic -
Granny Takes a Dip at a bargain £3.25 for such a big bath bomb I was curious! 
What drew me in was the bright outer layers so I hoped it would transfer into the bath....
And It sure did!

As soon as you drop 'granny' into the bath the spicy citrusy scent hits you aswell as the beautiful colours beginning to float into the water.  

This is a fast fizzing bath ballistic on the outer layers which turns the bath a gorgeous pink colour while a sherbty lemon smell floats around your bathroom...

The outer layers then begin to slowly dissolve creating this gorgeous physcadellic looking pattern in the bath - so so pretty!

As it got closer to the centre it then began creating bubbles - something I haven't seen in other reviews? Maybe I got a lucky botch one?!

I sat in stitches with my mom earlier,because doesnt this image above look like a cat?!
Or maybe this hippy looking bath bomb is playing with my head ha ha.

It melows down to a pretty pink with pastel tie dye type colours going through the water..

And then it turns into this dark pink gorgeous smelling water!
I love this bath bomb and am happy I had brought two because something told me I'd love this.
On lush they describe it as a spicy citrusy scent with the lemon oil and black pepper but I think it is alot more lemony and sweet!
A fab bath if you want to relax but like the sweeter scents unlike the floral lavender scents.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.


  1. Ive seen a few people recommend this bomb and this has made me determined to pick it up asap! the colours are gorgeous and the scent sounds great. That definitely looks like a cat - how creepy is that!! x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

    1. It is gorgeous! Its worth buying even just for the colours it produces!
      Looks lovely doesn't it!
      Lush seem to be bringing out some fab stuff at the mintue! xo

  2. Bought this from my local LUSH store on Tuesday and only just got round to trying it out but I am honestly so disappointed in it! All of the reviews I've read make this ballistic out to be great but I must have had a bad batch as mine sank to the bottom of my tub and gave off an awful fishy smell that stayed on my skin for HOURS! So gutted.

    1. only just read this! Thats awful! You should go into store and let them know? :(