Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Charity | Socks & Chocs

"Lots of people doing a bit is better than a few doing a lot"
Socks & Chocs.
Hi Guys!
Hope your all well?
Today I have decided to bring you a blog post about an amazing charity that was brought to my attention at the Pride of Birmingham Awards (don't worry folks that post is coming soon!).
One thing I have a weird obsession with buying and have a somewhat huge collection of is socks..
Gareth & Mom are always telling me "You have enough socks!"
And Deep Down I know I do,but every other shopping trip tends to end up like this...
And as the weather gets colder this obsession seems tends to hit its peak as I hate having cold feet.
Don't we all?
So Imagine if you were homeless,out in this cold and wet weather without anything - even the basics like socks?
That's what made Ian Northcott set up Socks & Chocs which is a inititave that provides the homeless with basic home comforts at christmas.
Socks & Chocs currently sends out donations of socks chocolate sleeping bags to homeless charity's in Birmingham,Coventry,Worcester & Wolverhampton.
And last year they donated approx 8500 pairs of socks and 3500 pieces of chocolate in addition to 229 sleeping bags
This Year?
They have a target of 10000 socks !
I remember being younger and my Mom & Dad would also try and help the homeless by giving them sleeping bags,hot drinks and food and things so when Ian started talking about Socks & Chocs at Pride of Brum it made me think... Why did I stop?
So here it is.
All of us bloggers are forever uploading reviews of beautiful things we own,but how about we give back ?
I would love for as many of you who can to take part in this project and try and help homeless people in your local area too!
For more information look on Socks & Chocs social media :
Please take part in this however you can!
 Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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