Saturday, 11 October 2014

LUSH Christmas | ButterBear.

Hi Guys!
Hope your all well.
Tonight I am bringing you another Lush product I recently brought in store at Lush Luton
which is the absolutely adorable Butterbear
Butterbear £1.95.
 The adorable butterbear is in the shape of a polar bear - which just so happens to be my favourite winter animal so when I saw this little dude online I knew I'd be buying a few this winter.
(Although I did stick to just one this shop!)
This is a super nourishing and moisturising bath bomb which shares the same vanillary goodness sent of Butterball with little bits of cocoa butter in it which just makes the water silky smooth and moisturising - a winner in my book!

This is a very fast fizzer,and doesn't provide the bath with any colour or anything exciting to be honest,so if those are the kind of baths your into its probably worth you trying something like northern lights or luxury lush pud (review coming soon!) 
Because this has a very 'clean' and almost spa like scent I wanted to keep it all pretty simple so used a moisturising dove body wash and dove lotion once I jumped out the bath.
Personally next time I think I may use two of these little guys in my bath,as I literally fill mine to the brim so didn't get AS soft skin BUT that's just because I use so much water as I have used Butterball in the past (which is bigger) and came out super super moisturised.
I must add this bath ballistic is fantastic for those of you with sensitive skin and for little ones too!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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