Tuesday, 14 October 2014

LUSH | Luxury Lush Pud,Snow Fairy & First Snow!

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Today I am going to share a colourful post with you as it is pretty gloomy outside here in Bedfordshire!
On my recent trip to Lush Luton I picked up a pretty large haul which included

Lush Pud is this absolutely gorgeous neon bathbomb which reminds me of the appearance of Granny Takes A Dip (both out & in the bath).
Except this bath bomb is misleadingly a relaxing night time bath bomb!
As soon as Lush Pud hits the water you are instantly hit with its sweet fragrance given off by the ylang ylang & tonka absolute while it begins to fizz out a beautiful muted neon pink colour into the bath.

Within minutes the bath is full of all these beautiful pastel colours and the bathroom is full of a heavenly scent.
It really is perfect for those of you who prefer sweeter scents instead of the sometimes overwhelming lavender scented baths.

This has become one of my faves as the show it puts on is just beautiful.
Although looking at it you would think it is a scent that would wake you up it really isn't.
The lavender oil inside lush pud makes you feel calm and helps you unwind after a long day in a beautiful multicoloured bath!

I did end up adding in some Wizard bubble bar as I love my baths to be bubbly and it complemented the scents in lush pud pretty well.

The use of the sweet scented bright pink lush christmas favourite... SNOW FAIRY shower gel really topped this super girly bath!
Since I was in a real pampering mood I decided to use some of the sample of First Snow Dusting Powder the Lovely Rosie at Lush Luton gave me to try out.
I ADORE the lush dusting powder I already have which I brought for on my wedding day which was silky underwear so was curious to try another.
First Snow is an ultimate Christmas product!

This is a super sparkly dusting powder which smells just like christmas with its orange and lime oil and even some cognac oil - yum!
As this collects I really would pair it with maybe a body lotion - I would recommend Lush's Celebrate body lotion whhich has the same ingredients in (perfect match) to catch it a little better!

(I was giggling for ages at the fact my scar was super sparkly as all the glitter collected in it he he)
What is your favourite lush product?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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