Tuesday, 7 October 2014

LUSH | Halloween & Christmas Haul

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
I can't believe that we are already in October,
how quick has this year gone by?
(Yes I know we all say it,but honestly its insane!)
With October here all us Lush Addicts get extremely excited as the Halloween  & Christmas ranges get launched - which of course = lots of lush haul blog posts.
Talking Transplants  is no exception!
I took a visit into the lovely team at my favourite Lush in Luton on Sunday and came away a very happy lady.

So White Bath Bomb £3.50    So White Shower Gel £4.50/100g
Jumping head first into the products I was most excited to get my hands on..
So White Bath Ballistic & the new release So White shower gel.
The so white scent is probably one of my favourites from Lush which sucks as it is only ever release around Christmas.
So White has a very fresh and crisp apple scent with a floral note that is just beautiful!

Northern Lights £3.50

Northern Lights has a super calming scent with jasmine and ylang ylang in it (similar to the sex bomb ballistic) and leaves your bath creating a beautiful display with neon colours and stars - I have a blog post coming up tomorrow where you can see it in all its glory!
I am very excited to try its  rose scented sister, Sparkler!

Butter Bear - £1.95
Butter bear is just so adorable!
I love polar bears so as soon as I saw this on the website I told hubby straight away that butter bear would be in my basket!
In all honesty I am not mad keen on the butterball bath bomb as it just isn't exciting enough for me,but I love this little guy - even though next bath time I may use two of them as I have the bath pretty full so its hard to get all the benefits of this little dude - I'm uploading a in depth review about Butter Bear this Friday.

Wizard £3.25

This bubble bar is pretty amazing it has such a calming autumnal scent,absolutely perfect.
I almost didn't pick Wizard up just because I wasn't completely won over by the way he looked,but from past experiences I knew I should just try it out anyway.
So glad I did,I mixed this for bubbles in with the northern lights bath bomb which complemented each other beautifully in creating a amazing calming bath!
Sparkly Pumpkin £3.50

How beautiful is Sparkly Pumpkin?
I instantly fell in love with this bubble bar and if I remember right it was the first thing in my basket.
It has a really warming scent,perfect for the winter with its juniper berry,lime & grapefruit oils.
As the lush website cleverly says..
"Perfect for a long, lingering soak, just make sure you get out of your bath by midnight"
(round of applause for that fab Cinderella reference there lush!)
I am in fact going to use this in my bath tonight once I have typed this post.

Luxury Lush Pud - £3.50

This bath bomb was chosen by hubby.
I never tried the Lush Pud last year,don't know why but just never found myself reaching for it,but when Gareth read it had calming properties he popped that straight into the basket - I really struggle to sleep sometimes so lavender comes to the rescue an awful lot.
I'm really excited to try this one as looking at it you wouldn't think this is a bed time bath bomb - so I'm just waiting for a busy day to come along to use this to its full potential!
I have said many a times that Lush Luton  is by far my favourite Lush store this is for many reasons.
One being the staff!
I honestly can't fault them at all in there,they are extremely friendly and informative without being pushy.
My visit on Sunday was no different.
We had been in store earlier that day buying quite a few bits of the Christmas collection when Danny told us about some of the new shower gels in store and the new gift sets coming up and off we went..
But me being the Lush hoarder I am wanted to go back to purchase the Wizard I was so indecisive about,and the lovely Rosie popped over and introduced herself!
I have been going to the store for a few months now,but only recently showed the staff my blog posts,so was really nice they recgonised me in there from Talking Transplants.
The lovely Rosie very kindly gave me a bunch of samples - which I am going to upload in depth for you all TOMORROW!
I hope you all enjoyed this haul,
I can't wait to look at everybody else's too so do comment your links below if you have done a lush haul recently!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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