Wednesday, 8 October 2014

What I Would Tell 16 Year Old Me...

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
I have seen a few video's on Youtube under the name
"What advice would you give your 16 year old self?"
This got me thinking.. What would I say to me back when I was 16 ?
Overall I was a pretty good teenager,didn't get myself in trouble really.
Didn't go out very much.
But what would I tell my 16 year old self? (que the embarrassing photos..)
Concentrate more in School!
 I really struggled to concentrate (as above shows...) in lessons - I honestly can't multi task to save my life so when people where chatting in class as well as doing there work I would be involved in the conversations then look down and I had done very little.
Teachers where forever saying how I really needed to sort my concentration out..
It obviously didn't help I seemed to think school was a bloody photoshoot all day..
Oh God. Kill Me Now! HaHa!
In all seriousness though I really wish I had studied harder,I was 100% capapble of doing so but my concentration let me down - it got to the point where I would take all my class work home to do as that was the only way I could actually get it done - that said,we now know I would have been in Liver failure at school so are not sure if this had part to play with this.
Either Way... FOCUS AT SCHOOL!
Just Smile!
People who know me well know I am 90% of the time the happiest and bubbliest person you will ever meet but the 10% of the time when in company of those I don't like I am the moodiest person in the world!
I was so scared of embarrising myself I'd tense up and have a mardy face,yet when I was happy (like above at a costume party) everything was good - well half smiling is better then nothing ha ha.
I would defiantly tell my 16 year old self SMILE MORE GIRL! It won't kill you.
Although this is something I do have to remind myself even now ooops...
Care Less,Laugh More !

And smiling more brings me onto a similar point.
It took me right untill Year 10 and College to actually ENJOY myself,and that sucked because I had all these amazing memories in the last year of school with people I cared alot about and then we left!
So I really would go back and tell myself to not let others influence my decisions and plans and just get on with what I want and screw what they think!
I have come to learn that no matter how many bad memories you have they are always blocked out by the memories full of smiles and laughter so it's worth laughing way more then caring about others opnions on you!
Embrace who you REALLY are !
Only now at 21 nearlly 22 have I finally embraced who I am as a person.
I would defiantly tell my younger self that is so so important to embrace who you are,and that doesn't mean you must know WHO you are,even now at 21 I know I still have a life full of personal growth but if you don't embrace and respect yourself - No one else will either.
At 16 I changed who I was to try and 'fit' in because I wasn't sure who I was,and I lost close friendships with people because of that but now I am 100% my own person and now they are back in my life,they were at my wedding and it just feels so much better to know everything you are saying is something you believe in - proof being fake doesn't get you real friends.
Embracing who you are honestly makes you so much happier in life,and draws you to people who are good for your life as I have learnt over the past 2 years !
Don't allow others to dictate your life !
I have touched on it before that I was in a emotionally abusive and controlling realtionship a few years ago,so I really would remind 16 year old Kate
"You are worthy to be respected & loved"
I spent a crazy amount of time being made to believe I was not worthy of living a happy life doing what I wanted,and made to think being controlled was perfectly okay when it isn't.
I was very lucky to find Gareth at the point in my life when I did.
I was very lucky I had ongoing support from my Family.
And I was very lucky to find my Best Friends when I did.
I am surrounded by family & friends who love me and care for me, but never dictate where my life should be going and that is the way realtionships SHOULD BE!
That would defiantly be one thing I would really want to drill into 16 year old Kate's head...

All these points are things I would tell my 16 year old self but realisticly ?
There things I would remind myself of now and even when I'm 40.
It is important to smile love & laugh,stay focused on what you want while being true to yourself,
all those things will enable you to experience life to the full - and that means with downs as well as up's but who cares?
Aslong as you are always the best you can be!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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