Friday, 24 October 2014

Pride of Birmingham Awards

Hi Guys
Hope your all well?
Today I FINALLY wanted to talk about The Pride of Birmingham Awards
This was on the 26th of September and I was lucky enough to be a shortlisted nominee!
The Pride of Birmingham Awards were run by the Birmingham Mail & Sponsored by Virgin Trains.
It was the first year this awards ceremony has ever been hosted to celebrate the amazing things people from Birmingham do.
Now I received a letter in early September to say someone had nominated me and I had been shortlisted into a category but I wasn't the winner of my category.
Firstly,I still don't know who nominated me & Secondly,What a achievement to even be shortlisted?!
Of course I was super excited for the evening to hear of all the amazing work people do,some of which I have come to feature here on my blog (Socks & Chocs Charity Post!).
You can imagine my shock when I opened the programme to see under the
"Award for outstanding bravery" category my name was shortlisted!
I still can't believe that I got shortlisted in this category among some amazing amazing people,and bottom line I don't think I am brave - I just got on with life and battled on..
The night was very emotional and I cried at almost every award winner,
when you've got children under 13 talking about how they have cancer but want to help others?
It's just heart breaking but heart warming all at once.
It has made me want to do even more for organ donation awareness,
as I have only recently realised my blog IS making a difference and talking on TV,radio and media all helps,but I just know there must be more I can do.

One of my lovely friends over at Birmingham Mail Chrissie had set up a meeting with me & the Phelps twins from harry potter who were attending but when my phone died I didn't have a clue where I was meeting them and when which was a shame BUT I did manage to photo bomb (well just you can see me and Gareth leaving in the top right corner haha) there instagram photo with an absolute legend from black sabbath (eeeek) and had a lovely tweet from James the day after.
That night I left full of absolute pride in the city I come from,Birmingham is full of such amazing people and just shows that the news isn't always all doom & gloom.
I had the most amazing night and was so so happy I even got shortlisted,
and I must say a HUGE congratulations to Karl Hinett who one our category and I'm so happy he did!
Please go search for him on twitter and read his story,honestly he is an amazing man - brief intro he is wounded ex-military who has run over 100 marathons since!
So I came back to Bedfordshire and was super excited to tell everyone how it went..
Then a few days ago THIS came in the post...
The Lord Mayor of Birmingham awarded me with a Highly Commended Award!
I am so so so happy with this and I honestly can not thank whoever nominated me enough.
Life can be difficult at times,and some times I just want to give up,but things like this that remind me I can help others and I DO help others - that's what keeps this blog running.
It's what keeps my campaigning going,my media involvement going and my hope going too!
I am a very lucky lady - and I have three selfless donor's to thank for it..
So this award?
This is for them. My Donors.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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