Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Ten ALL TIME Favourites.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
Recently I have been really enjoying the little things in life so I figured I would share my all time favourites - after all Talking Transplants is a Lifestyle blog!

So here in no specific order are my top ten things I love.
1. Afternoon Walks

Gah I LOVE walking!
Even though I can't walk too far or for too long before I get tired,I love nothing more then going for a walk on a weekend or as me and my husband often do,go for a walk as the sun is starting to set - perfect for taking lots of Beautiful photos.
2.  Photography.
Whether that be with my Nikon or my Polaroid I LOVE taking photo's.
After my third transplant I decided that I NEEDED to document things I did more with photography and thats when I found out I'm actually pretty good at it!
I love that you can capture a memory in a short second and keep it forever - Beautiful.
3.  Being A Big Sister.
I Love being a Big Sister,and I wouldn't change the age gap either.
I love the fact that I can have a influence on two little girls,and hopefully be someone they can look up to and talk too.
I always wished I had siblings when I was younger so I just love being able to watch Annabel & Violet growing up together - its beautiful to watch something like that.
4. Roses.
I love roses so much.
I love how they look,how they smell & even how they taste!
I have become in love with roses alot more this year after I choose my wedding flowers - White O'hara Roses & Baby's Breath.
I have always loved the scent of Roses - even if some think it is a 'granny' scent I think its just timeless & feminine.
Rose truffles from Hotel Chocolat continue to be my favourite chocolates and Fentimans Rose Lemonade is my favourite drink - I LOVE Roses..
5. Autumn Fashion.
Jumpers,Scarves,Burgundy Tones,Tights - I Love it all!
I am sure I am built for this season as I always get excited when I am getting ready to go out in the autumn.
Everything outside just looks so so beautiful - and it brings in my love for photography and evening walks.
6. Doc Martens.
Ahhh Doc Martens <3
For years my mum was telling me I should buy them but being a stubborn teenager never did.
When I was little mom always but them on me and looking back on photos I looked adorable (If I do say so Myself!)
Anyway,Last Birthday Gareth Brought me these beautiful Serena's - and I ADORE them.
They are the best shoes I have ever owned and ever since it has made me want them all...
Not healthy when your not working *prays to santa*
7.  Cooking
I LOVE to cook! (Above - Often Roasted Chicken with Rattatouille - Picture doesn't give it justice..)
I don't claim to be an amazing cook but I love to cook non the less - and my hubby and family don't seem to complain at the outcome ha ha.
8. Amazing Friends!
 I am very lucky to have some of the most supportive friends and thats one thing I love.
Having friends you can rely on no matter what is great,the only thing that sucks?
They all live in Birmingham :(
9.  Popcorn.
image from pintrest.
I LOVE popcorn.
It is my favourite snack and is just perfect for every occasion.
What more can I say..
Mmm Popcorn!
(I'm thinking about uploading some popcorn recipes,what you think?)
10. Being a MRS.
Its Uber hard to try explain this without sounding super cliche.
But I love being Mrs Jakes.
There's just something about being married that makes you feel different.
Reading things addressed to me as Mrs now just makes me smile everytime I see it (Honeymoon period I guess? ha ha)
Although it does make me sad that I was the last Trevener girl in my family,so the name will not be passed on anymore that makes me feel sad but then I remember the name Trevener will always stay close to my heart <3
So those are my ten ALL TIME favourites..
What are yours?
Let me know in the comments or maybe even do your own post?
Untill next time,
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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