Wednesday, 8 October 2014

LUSH Halloween | Northern Lights & Wizard

Hey Guys!
Hope your all well?
Yesterday I uploaded a Lush Haul from Sunday and I have already used up alot of the products.
So I figured I would share a more in depth review about the products and what I used them with.
Straight away on Sunday evening I decided I wanted to use some of the products.
I was eager to use one of the bath bombs the Lush Luton team where raving about but I wanted bubbles too - and this is where Wizard came into play.
Wizard - £3.25
Wizard is said to get rid of your stresses and help you relax after a hard day.
I totally agree this has a very calming scent that just helps you wind down,perfect for just before bed.
You don't need to use loads of this little dude to get plenty of bubbles,I literally crumbled to the top of the star and that achieved a super pretty purple bath full of uplifting scented bubbles!
Crumbled into the bath.. 
 Look at all those bubbles!
Even though it was full of bubbles I did want to spruce it up even more, so after the team at lush told me how amazing the Northern Lights bath bomb was I gave that one a shot.
Northern Lights - £3.50
This bath bomb reminded me a lot of Granny takes a Dip bath bomb purely on the basis of the amazing neon colours that come out of this !

 As soon as you drop this in the bath it begins to fizz and bursts with this beautiful purple colour and your bathroom instantly fills with the calming aroma of Jasmine! 

 How pretty?


Before you know it the bath bomb starts to shoot out blue and yellow from either sides of the bath bomb,causing a kind of Catherine wheel firework effect as it starts to spin slowly around your bath - it looks absolutely stunning!

The fact both Wizard & Northern lights have Ylang Ylang oil,you get a beautiful relaxing floral scent from the bath which is right up my street.
The two products work amazingly well together,really complementing the ingredients in each product.

This was one of the most calming baths I have had in a VERY long time so I can't wait to get another Northern lights bath bomb to recreate this 'cocktail' which is super moisturising for the skin.
All round perfect for the colder months.

Be sure to give this bath 'cocktail' a try if you are on the look out for a floral calming bath which has a slight spice to it with the juniberry oil in wizard!
This most defiantly will be my chill out bath this winter - BUT I must let you all know that Wizard will not be able for purchase after Halloween so be sure to try it out ASAP!
What is your favourite Lush product?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.


  1. I got a load of Lush Christmas stuff and I'm putting off using it but I'm SO excited!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. I wish I had not used nearly all of the bath bombs already!
      What did you pick up? :)

      Kate xx