Thursday, 2 October 2014

AUTUMN Occasion Wear Ft. Truffle Shuffle & The Umbrella Shop.

Hi Guys!
Hope your all well?
Today I'm bringing you a very exciting post which is part one of two
As a lot of you know last Friday I attended the Pride of Birmingham awards as a shortlisted nominee.
Since it was such a hectic night I decided I would recreate the outfit and take some up close photos of what I wore that amazing night.
The dress I wore was this beautiful white dipped hem skater dress by ASOS - some of you may recognise it as the dress I changed into at my wedding reception also (perfect occasion wear right?)
Truffle Shuffle so very kindly provided me with my jewellery for the evening.
The first piece is this super quirky Micky Mouse bangle - How sweet is it ?!
Gold plated Mickey Mouse Outline Bangle - £12.99
When I spoke to the lovely Iain over at truffle shuffle I told him I was after a quirky piece of jewellery that was still pretty understated.
And this bangle fits the bill perfectly.

As you will see on Saturday I actually ended up stacking this with another bracelet as I loved the look it achieved.
This piece is defiantly for those who prefer the more quirky type of jewellry other then the subtle dainty side - I will inform you though I have ridiculously small wrists meaning it looks huge so keep that in mind.

The second piece has been on my wishlist every since I saw it on the Truffle Shuffle website months ago so thank you so so much truffleshuffle for this dainty little adjustable midi ring which is part of Stella & Bows mean girls collection - eeek.
Come on how many people LOVE mean girls so who wouldn't love this dainty little ring.
Gold plated bow Adjustable Midi Mean Girls Ring - £17.99
As well as having tiny wrists I also have tiny fingers so I struggle to get midi rings to fit,
but this one is perfect - and the fact its adjustable is just a plus for everyone else too.
As you can see I wore this on my ring finger and on my index wore a gold band I have.
It honestly is so gorgeous - no wonder this piece is in tribute to Aaron Samuel's who's hair looked sexy pushed back right ?
(High five to all of you who get that little mean girls link ha ha)
Now I don't know about you guy's but I hate when you have a perfect outfit all sorted and then you step out - and its tipping down?
So out you pull your little handbag umbrella and the chilly winter winds blow it inside out making you look bottom line like a hot mess.
I knew I needed a really nice umbrella to finish the outfit off since there was media at the event and having a umbrella disaster in pictures would be just something else..
That's when The Umbrella Shop came in & very nicely supplied me with a very fancy looking umbrella.
So when I spoke to Lindsay over at the umbrella shop she asked me what my outfit consisted off as they honestly have SO much choice in both styles and colours to choose from.
So after telling her the bases would be white & gold she choose this perfect umbrella for me.
Ivory White Wedding Umbrella - £19.99
And it was perfect!
The umbrella has a wooden crook handle which matched perfectly with my tan coloured coat I wore on the night.
Even the realise button matched all my beautiful truffle shuffle accessories !
It is super sturdy and keeps it place - perfect for those occasions when you may need to have photo's out in the 'lovely' autumn/winter British weather.
I will defiantly be going back to The Umbrella shop very soon,
I have already got my eyes on there heart shaped umbrellas - super sweet!

I decided to go all 'singing in the rain' in the next few photos..
attempting to dance with the umbrella ha ha.


So even though Autumn can be pretty gloomy here is proof that your occasion wear doesn't have to suffer!
Using accessories - both beautiful and practical,it can make all the difference to making your occasion wear this autumn...

I hope this has helped all off you who have an event this autumn,
whether that be a wedding (I have one coming up this November woo!)
party or big event !


Stay Safe & Speak Soon.


  1. What a sweet outfit! That dress is rather lovely also! Congrats on the nomination :)

    Emily ⎜

    1. Thanks Hun!
      It's lovely isn't it? Im eyeing it up in Black now


  2. awh, this outfit is so lovely! especially love the jewellery! Congratulations on your nomination :)

    Lauren | x

    1. Thank you Lauren!
      The Jewellery is perfect right? I love all of truffleshuffle's jewellery though to be honest.