Saturday, 11 October 2014

LUSH | So White Bath Bomb AND Shower Gel

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay? 
I wanted to chat today about the release from the lush Christmas range that I was most excited for...
This scent is just perfect,its a crisp,sharp scent of apples which is just super refreshing and a nice break from the usual 'warm' scents that fill the shelves at Christmas.
So White Bath Bomb £3.50 - Shower Gel £4.50 / 100g
That is the problem though,so white is only released at Christmas - Boo
Which means I have to stock up - Yay.
And this year? They have created the fragrance in a shower gel *squeals*
So white is very often over looked because of its plain white appearence - but this year you seem to be able to see specks of colour in it a tad better hinting at its beautiful interior.
Because bath bombs don't create bubbles I decided to pop some of the So White shower gel under the running water to create bubbles - and it smells JUST like the bath bomb.

As soon as it hits the water,the bath lets out a beautiful apple scent which is simply refreshing.

Then slowly a rosey pink / red colour begins to seep out from so white,
realeasing the rosey scent with it.

It isn't a suprise really a suprise when I read through so whites ingreidients as to why I love it so much when it includes ingredients like Rose absolute,Orange Flower absolute & bergamot oil to name just a few.

Overall so white is the prefect delicate yet crisp fragrance which still remains to smell like a perfect winter scent.
I think this would be perfect with the First Snow dusting powder - which is super sparkly and beautiful.
So next time your in your local Lush be sure not to overlook the very plain looking so white,
as it surely is the fairest of them all...
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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