Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Little Yellow Duck Project.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Today I was browsing through facebook when I fall upon a project called - The Little Yellow Duck Project.
And for those who know me well,I have always loved ducks so this project  caught my attention..
(Yep this is a lush bath with my 'pilot' rubber duck I got for christmas hehe)
The Little Yellow Duck Project is highlighting acts of random kindness in the form of Blood,Bone Marrow,Organ and Tissue Donations.
The project is showing that all acts of kindness have the ability to bring happines but certain forms of kidness also have the ability to save lifes - as I know all too well.
This is a worldwide project which urges people to create cute little handmade ducks and leave them in public places for a gift for the public to find.
            Lisa van Klaveren 

The ducks are left with a tag attached which directs them to The Little Yellow Duck Project's website and informs them of the reasoning behind the cute little duck!

As a donor recipient I think this is a lovely idea and I can only imagine peoples faces when finding these adorable little ducks.
I thought I would share this with you all as you all know I am a 3 x Liver Transplant recipient and I'm always looking for ways to promote organ donation and amazingly you all always ask how you can help..
I follow a great range of people here on Talking Transplants, From all over the world and all of us are creative!
So why not join in with this amazing project and bring happiness to others while targeting a very important topic.
Clare and ducksmall
The story of how the project was set up is one that is all too close to home after knowing so many people pass away while waiting for a transplant.
The project was inspired by a lady called Clare was born with cystic fibrosis,  and by the age of 24, her lungs were so damaged that a transplant was her only hope.Sadly a matching donor was never found and despite a long fight, she passed away on April 15th 2013 aged 26.
So come on my lovelies!
Your all very crafty and creative so lets help out this amazing project and try and make a difference.
Do comment bellow if you join in or tweet me over at @TransplantKate_ and be sure to go and check out the projects website too
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.


  1. what a lovely and thoughtful idea! x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

    1. It's Lovely isn't it!
      I thought it's really fitting for spring too - plus most bloggers are really creative so would be great to see what people could do !