Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sleek Garden of Eden Palette - REVIEW

Hi Guys!
Hope your all okay?
So today I'm bringing you a review I have been after for a while now,and this weekend I finally caved after the lovely Dee posted a review of hers a few days before.
(Mind you I was just looking for an excuse as it is gorgeous!)

I only own one other sleek palette,The storm palette and i love that too.
Sleek have very basic but sleek looking packaging and the product is amazing quality for a £7.99 palette.

I love the box of this palette which I believe is limited edition!
It just fits in perfectly with the name and colour of the palette. 

The palette contains 12 shades,all of which are mostly shimmer really.
They are nearly all very pigmented except for entwined and adams apple.

They are all very easy to blend and you can easily get lots of looks from this one palette.

   Without Flash.                                  With Flash.

Top to Bottom :

Tree of Life - Matte Dark Green.
Fauna - Frosty Dark Green.
Evergreen - Dark Apple Green with A Frosty/Metallic Finish.
Fig - Golden Green,Metallic Finish. 
Adam's Apple - Matte Apple Green. (not very pigmented)
Entwined - Neutral Brown with Gold Micro Glitter (not very pigmented)

Without Flash.

With Flash

Left to Right :

Gates of Eden - Orangey Copper with Gold, Frosty Finish.
Eve's Kiss - Pale Mauve,Frosty Finish.
Paradise on Earth - Metallic Brown - with a slight hint of mauve.
Python - Dark golden brown.
Forbidden - Matte Brown with Gold micro glitter.
Flora - Dark Matte Brown.

I think you will all agree that this is such a gorgeous palette,you can create so many different types of look with it and the green shades are just gorgeous for spring.
(I will be uploading a look using some of the shades in this palette soon.)

For £7.99 I would really recommend this,and I really wish I had brought it before now!
Although I already have two other sleek palettes with my name on them as we speak...

Stay Safe & Speak Soon.


  1. Lovely swatches!

    I just read your medical history page and it just brought me to tears! So sorry to hear what trouble you had to go through. I wish the doctors could of examined it better at the beginning and didn't leave it till too late so it couldn't be treated unless you had a transplant. I know exactly how it feels going to the doctors and coming back with them telling you theres nothing wrong when you know inside there is something. I really wish you the best of luck for the future xx

    1. Awh thankyou hunie what a lovely message! It really is a shame they didn't notice but the rest of the care I have had has been second to none so I can't complain! Aw this message has really made me smile :) xx