Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Glam Crystals Gel Liner REVIEW

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Last october I was searching for some glitter for halloween when I fall upon Collection's Glam Crystals.
Glam crystals are a gel glitter liner and are very pigmented and versatile!
I use them in  two different ways,so I thought I would share these £2.99 Beauties with you all!

Top to Bottom :
Le Freak
Turquoise Liner with small Green and Blue glitter.

Dancing Queen
Red Liner with Pink and Iridescent Glitters.
Little Mix Range - Perrie (Rock Chick)
Black Liner with Chunky Black Matte Peices and Small Silver Glitter
Silver Liner with Green,Purple and Blue Irridescent Glitters.
Little Mix LeighAnne (Funk)
Gold Liner with small Gold Glitter.
 The two way's I like to use these liners is to either simply line the top lash line/water line with them to make my eyes pop.
Or I like to put it on my ring finger and dab it across the whole lid,you can do this over your finished eye makeup for some glitz or can also let it dry and keep building it up for a thicker layer of glitter!
I layered up Dancing queen over a black smokey eye here at Haloween!

Here I dabbed some Le freak over my finished Ariel look for a perfect Mermaid Look!

Here I applied Dancing queen a long the top lash line the lightly dabbed it into the outer corner to finish of this special occasion smokey eye.

And Here I simply lined the inner top lash line!
I honestly can't recommend Glam Crystals enough,and for £2.99 there a great dupe for Urban Decays Heavy Metal Glitters - I am defiantly after the purple and the rest of this collection!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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