Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tanya Burr Lipglosses - Exotic Island & Smile Dream Sparkle.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
The Beauty community went crazy when Tanya Burr realesed her Makeup Line which includes Nail Varnishes and Polishes.
They originally were only available online but then  9th April they were also Available from Superdrug.
I wanted to wait untill then because I wantd to check out the range before I purchased them,incase it was another hyped based purchase.
Oh how wrong I was.
All of the Lipglosses have Tanya's Signature acorss the tube with a sweet little heart.
On the top of the lid there is another heart !
And on the bottom of each lip gloss is a sticker with the shade name on.
I kind of wish the names were printed on the tube as something tells me that the labels might fall off..
The applicator for the Lipglosses is a dough foot applicator which applies justthe right amount of product as it hugs the lips but as I will show you now with such a sheer wash of colour I like to apply it a few times.

Exotic Island is a Fuschia Pink (in the tube leans more towards the purple side)
All the lip glosses have the most gorgeous scent - reminds me of strawberry laces Yum!
I really like this gloss but I prefer these kind of shades to be a lot more opaque so I will be trying to apply this over a lipstick but thats just personal preference.
(Ignore the some what looking swollen lip ha ha)
Next I got Smile Dream Sparkle,which is a light pink with LOTS of glitter in.
I would never normally choose this (infact Gareth choose this one ha ha)
it is very sheer but looks gorgeous over a nude lip!
I am not normally a gloss girl but these have a gorgeous formulation and are super long lasting.
I will defiantly be buying some more of these at the budget friendly price of £6.99 each.
I really want to try Champagne Toast & Picnic in the Park!

 The varnishes have also caught my eye!

 Have you tried any of tanyas range?
What do you think?
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.


  1. My mum got me one of these for Easter and although I hate the colour, I love the gloss so will defo get another to try.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. Yeah I have got to agree the colour isnt very pigmented but they look gorgeous over lipsticks so give them another shot! I love the formulation though just wish they were more opaque :(

  2. Exotic Island looks amazing!! Thank you for the wonderful review <3

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

    1. Its gorgeous! I have started to wear it over a purple lipstick and it justs pops!
      Thanks hun will check your blog out!xx