Friday, 4 April 2014

Liver Catchup - & Immunology Clinic.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Today I thought I would update you all about how my latest clinic catch up went.
I am looking at making these kind of posts a regular fixture her on talking transplants.. Because well that's what my blog was started as,and I get alot of messages how things have gone SO I will have one place where you can all view it!

So last month I had two visits back at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
Liver Clinic & Immunology Clinic.
On the Thursday Me and Gareth drove up to Birmingham to see my liver doctors.
Now if you follow me on twitter,you may know my previous visit (2 months previous) was a very scary one as they told me my biopsy had showed a grumble of rejection and with my past medical history this made Me and Gareth feel at unease.
So this clinic was one that was full of questions from us to see what the next plan was.

Once I got to clinic they did the usual and weighed me and did my blood pressure,which I was quite happy to find I have put on 1kg ! 
(I am always trying to gain weight as my liver burns of a lot of my energy as it is slightly grumbly)

By this time we went into see my doctor and as soon as we sat down there was 50 million questions we had for him.
The most important - Do I really have rejection?
And thankfully that all got cleared up,basically my blood tests have never been perfect and the biopsy showed that the issue of ongoing rejection is still there but it hasn't got any worse which of course is very important.

We then had a chat about everything else and about reducing my medication in next clinic once I had seen an immunologist as they need to get a very fine balance of not so much medication to make my immune system even more suppressed but enough to make my liver happy ! 
Gah doctors are miracle Workers!

So the next week I came back to see the immunologist for the first time ever.
I was pretty nervous as I had no idea at all what to expect but she was so lovey!
The appoitment was mainly filled with her getting my medical history right from day one when I was little kate..
She went on to ask about family history and at this point I thought the poor woman would run out of paper ha ha.

I came out of this appointment very positive and sure that they will be able to find something that is causing my immune system to not work all too well - aside from the amount of immunosuppression that I am on.
She had taken a lot of more specific blood tests so basically its just a waiting game!

So that's that!
I have been to A&E since these checkups again with my chest so I honestly hope that they can try find out whats causing all this soon!

Well I will have another update for you all at my next clinic!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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