Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Lush Review - The Comforter Bubble Bar.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Yesterday the sun was shining and as it got later I thought it was time to unwind with a nice bath.
As summer is here I tend to lean more towards floral and fruity scents,so I picked up one of my old favourites up from lush last sunday.

The Comforter is a monster bubble bar and a very appealing price of £4.50 !
The Comforter smells just like blackcurrants and is very uplifting and super softening on the skin.

For these huge bubble bars you don't need much at all (I wouldn't follow Lush's advice of half a bubble bar,you will be scooping bubbles of the bathroom floor!)
I recently used the comforters sister - Brightside. And by using this amount each time,sometimes less It lasted my over 4 weeks !

You then crumble it underneath running water and your left with fragrant bubbles (and not as much crumbled product on the top of your bath like I have here - oops.)

And Voila !
You Have a super fruity summery bath.
Stay Safe & Speak Soon


  1. It looks so cute!


    1. It does doesn't it! A perfect summery bath ! xx

  2. I love lush products too ♥
    I'd try this one if I had a bathtub :(
    Anyway, nice blog xx
    Serena from http://serenbird.blogspot.com/

    1. Oh no! I was moving house,and the property we looked at had no bath - was a calling card for me! Love my baths!
      Although I have never tried any of lush shower products,have you?

  3. I love the comforter cause it lasts a while after dividing it in pieces.