Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Month's Most Loved - January.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
Today I thought I would share my January favorites with you,which I'm not going to lie,I found very hard as I have loved so much this month.
I have never done a favorites blog post before sooo I hope I can keep this as short as sweet as possible!


By Far,this months Favorite has been Roses.
I don't know why but I have just been obsessed with bath products with rose in,and have found it has made my skin sooo soft.
The best products with Rose in though has to have been,the rose queen bath ballistic from Lush & there Imogen Rose perfume.
Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous.

This month I have been loving a pink lip when I have been wearing makeup,those who have been following my blog for a while will know that this is rare for me I'm usually after a much darker lip.
This shade is really natural and pretty.
I have always loved Kate Moss's range by Rimmel,and have a lot of the shades,but this is defiantly my favourite shade this month.

White Eyeliner.

I always have loved accenting my eyes using White eyeliner,but this month I have found myself grabbing this more then usual.
White Liner is a great way to give a POP to your eyes and really open them up,i like to use them on the inner part of my water line into the tear duct.
Really highlights the blue in my eyes.


Aswell as using white liner I have also enjoyed using this gorgeous silver liner on the inner corners of my upper lash line and also the outer part of my bottom lash line.
This is just a beautiful product that acts some glitz to a simple eye look.
I love all of the Glam Crystals,as there all super wearable and long lasting but hustle is by far my favourite with its beautiful silver glitter.

I can not recommend this mascara enough.
I have pretty thick lashes so I don't really look for a mascara that will add volume but something that will just accent the length of my lashes.
And I have found my dream mascara.
This looks gorgeous on top of curled lashes and just makes my lashes look prefect.
It doesn't clump or rub off,I defiantly want to purchase this in the brown for a more natural look sometimes as this mascara defiantly lives up to its 'Extreme Black' name.


None Beauty Related Items.

So this month's non beauty related items for me are pretty standard,these are some of my usual go to's but since this is my first ever favourites post I thought I would share them!

I love Maynards Sour Patch Kids range,and I often change between the sour patch kids and the sour patch kids soda popz. They really are sour first then sweet - Yummy.
But I have seen that in the states,they do Sour patch Kids Chewing Gum - Whattt! I want some :( haha.

Also another favourite is Coca - Cola Vanilla.
Its just a nice change from the standard one and I remember I used to have this a lot and then they stopped selling it so last year was super happy when it got relaunched - YAY!
But I have been purchasing cans now as I'm trying to drink a little less fizzy pop (which is proving pretty hard).

So those were my January favorites :D
(But seriously how fast has this month gone?)
Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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