Monday, 10 February 2014

Monday Mumbling - Self Reflection,And Its Benefits.

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
For today's Monday Mumbling,I decided I would discuss Self Reflection.
Just to start of with how I usually would on a subject like this,I am no where near been a psychologist but these are just things I have found myself with things I have been through.

So What is Self Reflection?
This is being able to sit and think about our actions and our feelings,and basically try and think about why we feel this way or how we can change a situation.

I chose this topic as this is something I often do myself.
If I am in a difficult situation,I will always try to sit back and think about how I may be able to deal with a situation differently and change the outcome.

An example could be.
You may not be spending much time with a friend.
So instead of sitting and thinking "Why aren't i spending time with my friend much anymore?" which could just real off 100's of possibilities.
Instead think "How can I spend more time with that friend?".
This means you have looked and evaluated how you could change a situation,and then can try and put it in place.

I find Self Reflection is really helpful when a situation doesn't seem to be changing even with a lot of what you thought was effort.
When you self reflect you will usually find that you will realize there is things that you can change to help resolve a problem.
Whereas if you think of the problem as a whole - "Well why doesn't she bother with me any more?" you can spend so much time getting lost on a trail of thought you will never come to a resolve and very often find yourself a lot more upset then you started off.

Self Reflection can also be assisted if you have someone you trust to be absolutely open with - and neutral and unbiased to the situation to sit with you.
This way,they can help and maybe advise you on ways maybe you could do something differently. I have often found in the past that these kind of conversations can really open up something you couldn't see at all,and allow you to self reflect and whoosh - problem resolved.

I always like to have a nice soak in the bath once I have had a hour or two of self reflection to relax as self reflection can be very emotionally draining with emotional topics.

I would say though a crucial part of Self Reflection is - Not to beat yourself up.
Self Reflection is there to be a positive resource to give a positive outcome,you don't want to spend an hour sat there making yourself feel as 
though you are the root of an issue.
Your self reflecting to see if there's anything you can change,for the better,to bottom line make things easier for yourself!

Self Reflection can take a very long time to get used to because people often do mix it up with scrutinizing themselves and actually helping themselves!

I hope that this may help any of you who are stuck in a situation you are finding difficult.
Just remember don't ponder too long on why - try and think How can I make this easier for me.
Again remember this is to make YOU feel better!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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