Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines Day - My Fave Dress !

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
I was sorting out my clothes today and decided I was going to do a post,and show you a few outfits that you could wear on a date on valentines day.

Instead I thought I would share one of my most favourite dresses,that are amazing for a date day or night,and also is great to wear just while hanging out with friends (For those who may not be celebrating Valentines Day this year!)

The Dress I chose was a dress I brought from New Look and it is this 
For a fantastic £12.99 !

I have done a post before about styling skater skirts,and talked about how much I love the fit a skater style item gives you.
It suits all figures. Personally I love how they get sinched in at the waist and then they have a really floaty skirt.
Also this dress has string belt attached to the back to tie in a bow to cinch it in even more!  

This dress has a very on trend monochrome colour palette and has this gorgeous ethnic print on it.
I love elephants,so when I saw the elephants at the bottom just complementing the already beautiful dress I just had to pick it up!
I just love how loving elephants seem,and there family bonds just fascinate me. The elephants on the dress also remind me a lot of a wooden elephant Gareth brought me back when he went to Kenya with the RAF for 2 months when we first got together :) - Nawwh Ha Ha.

 I have worn this so much since I got it in December and its been perfect for every single occasion. Its been perfect for date nights,when we have gone to see family in the day, and even playing with my little sister.

Because its so versatile it means you can wear it with lots of different types of shoes too - I have worn this with my Doc Martens (which looked adorable!),Dolly Shoes,Ankle boots and you could wear court heels with this too!

So for those reasons,
this will most likely be my go to valentines dress!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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