Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Summer Wishlist #1 - Lovely Lilac !

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay ?
Today I thought I would do a little summer wishlist,and focusing this post on everything lilac.
Some of you may know that last summer I had My Little Pony'esque hair,which had pastel shades in one being lilac,and since it has made me become a little obsessed with pastels especially lilac.


I have been lusting over so many different lilac things sooo here they are..

I love this bag. I usually lean more towards a black bag but I always prefer to have a lighter coloured bag in the summer as I think it's a lot more feminine.
This is perfect as it has a long strap as well as the hand straps. This is a very feminine bag so I think I would probably end up with a pastel backpack when I'm wearing a more 'grungey' outfit but with dresses and stuff this is perfect..

Lilac Converse - Schuh £47

Me & Gareth were in Luton last weekend,and I spotted these little beauty's.
I love my pair of converse I have now,so when I saw these I fall a little bit in love.
What I also like about these converse is that they are a different style/cut to make them more feminine as they stop right on the ankle.
These would look lovely with grey jeans,shorts,skater skirts & dresses - everything.

I am a fan of raglan tops,and my other half got me a batman one the other day which had a linen blend which made me think this top would be perfect in the summer.
Its lightweight but still perfect if its a little bit chilly like out British evenings can be!
This is super easy to pair with any outfit to be dressed up or down.

As I have blogged about before I love skater skirts,and love styling them in all different ways and this is something that I know for a fact will be part of my summer wardrobe.
I don't want to go on but I have a blog post here that I have wrote before about how to style skater skirts,which shows just why skirts like this are a must in every girls wardrobe through the year. 

I have always wanted to join the girls who wear denim shorts,but having pretty thick thighs,shorts do nothing for me and that's why I tend to lean more towards skirts.
BUT this summer I really hope at some point I can get some shorts like these to join in with that denim short trend in the summer months.

And I couldn't put a skater skirt on the wish list without putting a Skater Dress on the list either.
This is a gorgeous dress that would look lovely with either converse or flip flops - again something that I am pretty sure will end up in my wardrobe nearer summer.

I wish I had found this bracelet sooner,it is perfect for me being a transplant recipient.
The message "wear it as a reminder that every moment is a gift" is very apt.
But transplant patient or not,this cord bracelet has the most adorable little silver angel wings charm on it.
Its so dainty & gorgeous.. 
May have to save for this one!

So what would you all add onto your Summer Wishlist?
I will be uploading a summer wishlist #2 next week so keep your eyes peeled!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon.


  1. The skater skirt is gorgeous! I love your hair like that, I'd never be able to pull it off mine is far too boring lol

    A little bit Unique Blog/Bloglovin/Instagram/Facebook


    1. Awh Thank you Hun!
      I do miss having pastel hair,but don't think I'd be brave enough to go completely pastel though,
      Don't be silly your hair is gorgeous! :)