Thursday, 13 February 2014

Un-Friending On Facebook..Because of Scars?!?!

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
I am going to pre-warn you..
This blog post IS a slight rant,and something I am beyond passionate about !

I was sat on the sofa just now and Loose Women came on.. Now It's not something I usually watch but something caught my attention.
They were discussing a story about an amazing Australian Lady who had been affected by Breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy and breast reduction and had posted photos of herself for a campaign called "Under the Red Dress" which showed her scars,and after posting these images on Facebook ? More then a 100 of her Facebook 'friends' - Deleted Her !
(You can read the story and see the images here on the Daily Mail Website.)

Now as you all near enough know,I am a three times transplant patient.
I had two transplants 6 days apart,then my third a year later.
My Body has changed so drastically due to the things it went through...
But I have never known to be treated in this way!!
Don't get me wrong I got the "Your trying to attention Seek" comments - which is a whole other subject.
And people sometimes felt uncomfortable with images on my face book but never has anyone deleted me because of it!

I want to share some images myself..
Now these are extremely zoomed in,which usually I wouldn't do but I just want to show like that amazing Australian lady that when you look at someone with there clothes on they may look no different,underneath there can be a whole other story...
So here you are..


Stretch Marks.
All caused by my fluid accumulation (ascites) which you get when you have liver failure.
You can imagine my ballooning in weight then dropping to a uk 4 then balloning again,this is what happened.
I have stretchmarks all over my body and above are just two lots,on my stomach and legs. 

These little faded scars are from my central line and dialysis line,these scars have come from having central lines but it to give me live saving medication and such while in ITU,and then an other is from my dialysis line when I had kidney failure.

My Shark Bite. 
Yep this is my transplant scar.
This is the right hand side of my scar.
As you can see this goes right round into my waist and then up into my midriff then round to the left.
The whole 'shark bite' came around as the shape of it always reminds me of a shark bite - especially with all my staple scars still being very prominent.
And the Shark Bite scar has led to many humorous conversations!
Of course this scar has been cut across three times so is quite wide compared to the first time I had a transplant scar :)

My off side waist.
As you can see on the left the way my scar cuts in means I have a very obvious waistline,but on the right it has a much more natural curve to it.
This sometimes means my clothes can fit abit offish but who cares its my scar!

As you can see I have absolutely no issue with showing my scar,as I know some people have much worse scars then me but you know what?
I'm so proud of every scar and stretch mark I have.
It shows my journey in life and what I have been through,and my transplant scar reminds me every day of my donors and how lucky I have been.

So the bottom line?
Scars should NOT be looked down at,they are natures tattoos really.
So before you judge,just remember a scar is a story regardless of how big or small..
Instead of prejudging why not just ask about it,because I'm certain most people with profound scars will happily talk about how they got them because they are proud - and why shouldn't we be!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon

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