Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Valentines Gift Guide - For Her Under £40

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay ?
So today I thought I would upload a little post with a few Valentines gift ideas for her - this could be for your wife,girlfriend,sister,mom... You get the point.

I have seen quite a few similar posts so thought I would try too add some different gifts (with a range of prices) as well as those that most girls will tell you are a sure win as a gift!

Heart Lollipop
(Image from Not On The Highstreet)

I thought these were adorable !
Each one has a cute little tag on so you could use initial or even make a little message.
These would be great to give to a friend or family member (after all not everyone has a valentine) or I thought these would be pretty cute popped into a Gift bag with another present for your other half.

Mini Bottle Of Love Keyring
(Image from Not On The Highstreet)

Such an adorable keyring!
Most girls love all things dainty and sweet and this most defiantly isn't an exception. 
They could put this on their keys or even attach it to a cosmetic bag or even there handbag.
Just think this is a cute little token.

Valentine Pug Biscuit
(Image from Not On The Highstreet)

For any pug lover this is a must.
Instead of chocolates why not get your valentine this cute little pug biscuit and even cuter ? - its holding a bouquet of roses.
Best of both worlds,Pugs & Edible Roses!

(Can we just take a moment to admire my air force rubber duck ha ha!)
For any girls who love lush or just a good old pamper this bath bomb is ideal.
It can be split into three to be used multiple times or used all in one.
This gorgeous bath bomb fizzes away to reveal another little fizzing heart - adorable right.
The bath bomb fizzes out to a beautiful pink colour with pink confetti hearts floating around the bath !
(Heads Up - Why not get this and pamper your other half on valentines evening and run her a bath with this amazing bath bomb? Double Brownie Points!)

Silver ring with gold knots
(Image from Not On The Highstreet)

I love this ring.
It is so simplistic and dainty.
It would suit everybody and I think all girls different styles.
It has three different interlocking rings on the design in rose gold,gold and silver.
The ring's description was...
'A circle is an endless line, no beginning no end, symbolising eternity'.
How gorgeous?
The tri-color jewelry trend seems to be everywhere at the moment and this dainty piece would suit all ages too!

Personalised Silver Heart Locket
(Image from Not On The Highstreet)

There's not really any jewelry more timeless then a locket.
I think this is Gorgeous,and being able to personalize it makes it so much more personal.
A locket is a piece of jewelry a girl can always wear,and can be used for every day wear as well as dressed up.
Again for extra brownie points - put pictures in the locket before you give it to her,this will show you have took time out to choose your favourite photo of the two of you - or even on one side but an image of something that means alot to her :)

(image from Yankee)

Yankee Candles - Or any candles in fact,are generally an absolute win with women.
So why not buy her this Yankee Candle in the scent True Rose,to remind her of that beautiful valentines bouquet you got her (again brownie points boys!!) every time she burns this candle !

Red Rose Flower Bottles
(Image from Not On The Highstreet)

On the topic of Roses.
I thought these were a slightly different way to give a girl roses on valentines day away from the usual bouquet method.
The gift comes with these 6 glass bottles and the roses separately so that you can choose how to display them how ever you would like.
These would look lovely to dress a Valentines Meal Table OR Breakfast in Bed.
A Different way to do give a typical Valentines Gift.

Personalised Handmade Fabric Fortune Cookies
(Image from Not On The Highstreet)

Again I thought this was a slightly quirky keep sake.
These fabric fortune cookies would be cute instead of a card or used to dress a Valentines meal table.

'You Look Lovely Today' Canvas Pouch
(Image from Not On The Highstreet)

Why not remind your lovely lady everyday that shes gorgeous with this canvas bag?
For all us beauty blogging girls this would be fab to use as a makeup bag OR for the more fashion conscious girls it can be used as a clutch.
A great multi purpose gift to remind your lady that you love her :)

Grey with initialised sterling silver heart
(Image from Not On The Highstreet)

Another dainty piece of jewelry.
This bracelet is really pretty and affordable.
This again is a piece that can be worn everyday or would look gorgeous with evening wear for a more simplistic accessorizing look.
You can add little charms to this bracelet on the website which I think is cute,this way you can add an initial and such to make it a more personal gift.

(Image from Pandora)

And Last - But by far not least.
This Gift is amazing. Its Flowers,A Card and Jewelry All in one (Great for all you last minute shoppers - yes we all know you exist !)
This Pandora charm is beautiful,the little card opens with a cute little message inside..
By far one of the cutest valentines charms they've brought out - aside from the two love birds charm. that is some what adorable too!

So there you go!
A range of different gifts to try and help those of you who are stuck what to buy for the Special Girl in your life this Valentines Day.

Stay Safe & Speak Soon


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