Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tuesday Transformation - The Incredible Hulk

Hey Guys !
Hope your all well?
Today I decided to uploaded another inspired makeup look for my Tuesday Transformation to try and break up all those Valentines themed posts :)

(Picture I took at a trip to Madame Tussaud's.) 


As you may have guessed I have used the incredible hulk as my inspiration today.
As the above photo's show,our flat has a couple of marvel related posters around the place as my other half absolutely loves Marvel.
The hulk is known for his Bright Green skin and in quite a few images we can see his torn up purple shorts...So here's how I created the look.

I used three different products for this look :

MUA's Mono Shadow in Shade 9 - Pearl.
A Gorgeous pearliscent / irridescent purple.
Which is really wearable and super pigmented for an amazing £1 !

Collection Trio in Shade 8 - Poison Ivy
This 'trio' contains to eye colours and a highlight/base cream.
The two shades are both shimmer shades,one being a mossy green colour & the other is a darker green.
This is great to create a simple eye look as it has everything you need in the little palette.

Accessorize Illusion Eye shadow in Shade 22 - Acid Lime.
What a gorgeous formula! 
This feels so creamy considering it is a powder shadow!
It is super pigmented but also very buildable making it great for everyone being able to use it subtly then build it up! 
This is a gorgeous slightly goldly iridescent shade - not what I was expecting at all! 

I started with taking 'Acid Lime' across the entire lit and up towards the crease of the eye.
I also took this into the inner eye to create a highlight.

 Then taking the lightest shade in the Collection Palette I then packed this onto the outer third of the eye,the outer V and blended into the crease to begin starting to add definition to the eye.

Then using the darkest shade,I patted this in the outer corner of the eye,and into the crease and blended this outwards too add depth to the whole look since I was using three shades of the same colour.

I then took my purple shade and blended this really closely to my bottom lash line and down into the tear duct.

I also extended the line of purple by blending up into the outer V,to really bring the look together.

I finished with my soap and glory gel pencil in Grapevine along the water line to continue to purple look.
I think this looked better then using a black liner as it is already a pretty full on look. So I wanted to try and make it as wearable as possible.

I applied Rimmel Scandal Eyes after curling my lashes.


With the understated purple in the eye,I decided to go for a purple toned lip.
So I choose Avon Color Trends Lipstick in Intimate.

I hope you all liked this look!
Stay Safe & Speak Soon.

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