Saturday, 22 February 2014

Lush Haul - Easter & Mother's Day Products

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?

A lot of you may have noticed I have had a fair few lush hauls recently..
I am a sucker for there themed products and after valentines has just passed (which meant I had fell in love and got two re-stocks of prince charming shower gel - one which was picked up today)

(A usual weekend morning while I catch up on blog stuff..)

So when I saw this morning on my twitter feed that there Easter and mothers day products were in store,I knew I had to go and have a look.
I did pick up Easter things and two mothers day products - but I will be paying Birmingham's lush a visit next week,so you can expect another haul/review next week! 


  Bunny - £3.25

Can we please take a moment to say 'Awwh' at this little guy?
How cute!
This is a little rabbit bubble bar that smells amazing when crumbled into your bath. This bubble bar makes you feel heavenly with its mixtures of oils and butters,with one of those being extra virgin coconut oil.
What I also liked about this was it has blue cornflowers in which float around the bath unlike most bubble bars (I do add there's not loads though so they won't annoy you!)

Wonder Woohoo - £3.95

This bath bomb was inspired by wonder woman's tiara..
Now what I don't find wonderful is this fine glitter...
I have found with other lush glitter products it just gets everywhere :(
But that said this bubble bar is again full of gorgeous oils,orange oil being one of them... and I'm a sucker for silver glittery bubbles !
I do think this was a one off purchase though really.

Rose - £2.95

About this one...
If you have been reading my blog for a while you may know I am slightly obsessed with this one ! Being a Disney lover too,when the lady in the shop said this was based on the rose in beauty & the beauty heart melted a little bit more!
This is a gorgeous floral bubble bar packed with lots of oils and butters (noticing a pattern here?) and natural shimmers!
It's so pretty & so well priced for a bubble bar!
Defiantly on my repurchase list for when I go to Birmingham.


I am currently suffering with the worlds worst breakout - which explains my lack of makeup related posts recently...
So I have been looking for some quick fixes.
My skin has got a lot better and just dealing with a few blemishes now so I thought I would give this little tea tree guy a try (poet and I didn't know it eh..)
You just pop this in a bowl / sink of hot water pop a towel over your head and lean over the basin/bowl and let it steam your face.. You can also use the water after on a cotton pad to get rid of any more impurities and tone your face!

So that's what I got from today's visit,but I will be going back next week like I say,so keep your eyes pealed for the next post featuring some of the little easter eggs and reusable bubble bars...


  1. Ahhhh So jealous! I may have to have another quick trip to Lush!

    Kristine |

    1. Defiantly worth a trip hun! There's some really well priced stuff this easter !
      I defiantly will be going again next week.. Ooops hehe.