Sunday, 23 February 2014

Liebster Award #3

Hey Guys!
Hope your all okay?
So today I am doing my third Liebster Award - I was nominated by the lovely Sally over on "A Beautiful Place." who blogs about beauty & fashion !
Go check her out..

The rules are: 

1. Link the blog that nominated you for the award in your Liebster post
2. Choose blogs with under 200 followers to nominate  
3.  Answer 11 questions given to you by the blog who nominated you
4. Let the people that you have nominated know that you have done so
5. You can't nominate the person who nominated you 
6. Create 11 questions for the people you nominated to answer
7. You must follow the blog that nominated you
8. Share eleven random facts about yourself! (Something unique that not many people who read your blog would know)

11 Random Facts About Me.

1. I have two little sisters & soon will have three step sisters,when our parents get married next August :)
2. I hate sports but love to swim.
3. I have a slight love for sharks - bizarre I know.
4. My Favorite food is probably anything containing pasta!
5. I used to do YouTube before I blogged. (I may start up again,what do you think?)
6. I only became interested in makeup over the last 2 years.
7. My Favorite Flowers are Roses & Sunflowers. In fact I have a few favourites hehe.
8. I adore pomegranate but cannot eat them because of my anti-rejection medication.
9. I also suffer with social anxiety.
10. I cried when I watched lion king at the theatre! 
11. I have had over 10 pets!

Questions from Sally 

If you could live any dream for one day, what would it be?
Hmm I'm going to be greedy here..
Either to work in a animal sancutuary over in Africa,or on a Shark conservation project or to sing in a musical in London for the day.
Very Different I know ! 

 What's your biggest fear?
Phobia? Defiantly clowns,but biggest fear? Been forgotten when I'm no longer here actually... Wow,that got deep.. 

If you had to live for the rest of your life with only one make up product, what would it be and why?
You can conceal any blemishes and done!
Im quite happy wearing no make up when I have pretty blemish free skin,so I think that would be my go to.

 What's your favourite TV show?
Hollyoaks & my guilty pleasure is The Housewives of Texas & Orange County - although I love all of them ha ha.

 What are you most excited for in spring?
Oh and all the pictures of cute little baby animals like lambs and chicks !
(And of course sweets and nice stuff for easter)

What's your favourite item of clothing that you own?

This Fishtail Gown.
My boyfriend brought it for me as a Birthday present for a Help For Heroes ball we attended November 2012.
It fits amazingly and just makes me feel like a million dollars! :)

What do you think is the most important step in a beauty routine?

Removing your makeup with a cleanser or micellar solution just helps so much!
I am not the most strict when it comes to my skin care but I do make sure I stay away from using make up remover wipes and they really do not remove all of your makeup and using cleansers and micellar waters have made a huge difference to my skin.

 If you had to go back in time, where would you go?

There is one winter I remember so well..
Me and My Best Friend Hannah must have been around 6/7 and we were playing out on the front in the snow pretending to be horses..
I don't know why but this memory remains so vivid in my head.
I always had my most care free and great memories with Hannah,and whenever I see her I just feel like a kid again.. Soppy Moment ha ha.

 What's the best shampoo/ conditioner duo in your opinion?

Tresemme's Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner!
I used this when I had my hair really short when I had my keratin bond extensions in and it really helped my hair grow,as I was trying to grow it out into a bob - which anyone with cropped hair will know is such a hard long progress!
I think may have to re buy this to be honest!

What advice can you give to someone who's 3 years younger than you?

Oo.. Advice to an 18 year old?
Have Fun.
I missed,out on being 18 because thats when I had my first transplant.
But it was a year full of finding myself and my beliefs.
So I would say have fun and don't take life to seriously,the next few years will be full of change,so just remember how amazing life is!

Do you have any pets? If so, what do you have ?

I sure do,I have a Mainecoon Cat Called Nala.
(Nala is occasionally said to mean 'Gift' in Swahilli & 'Beloved' from african origins)

I had always wanted a Mainecoon after falling in love with a family friends mainecoon called Murphy he was beautiful and spent the next 2 years begging my mom and dad for one!
Then I got sick,and in intensive care my dad apparently promised me if I got better he'd get me one (We all laugh about this as the next day or so I came round) and so Nala arrived..
My gorgeous cat!
I think unless you own a pet you never quite understand how much they become part of your family.

My 11 Questions for my Nominations are..

1. Do many of your friends and family know you write a blog?

2. What do you enjoy blogging about most? (hauls,tags,reviews etc.)

3. What is your most special piece of jewelry ?

4. Do you follow trends ?

5. What one blogger inspired / inspires you to write your blog and it's content?

6. What social media platform is your favourite?

7. What do you look for in a blog post to keep you interested and to follow them? 

8. What one makeup item have you used most this Winter?

9. Heels or Flats ?

10. Any Exciting plans for this Summer?

11. Where is your favourite place to go on Holiday ?

And I nominate...

This beauty blogs about makeup and beauty,hauls, notd's and such!
Go give her a look and follow.

The gorgeous Chloe blogs about all things beauty and makeup and has some amazing lifestyle blog posts too so Go check her out!

I really don't know how Lauren doesn't have more followers! 
She uploads great and informative beauty and lifestyle posts.
Go have a look !

Anita writes some fab fashion,lifestyle and beauty posts.
She writes about lifestyle and things that are relevant to us all - go have a nosey..

Helena writes beauty posts with some lifestyle posts,with a great one on anxiety..
Go have a read.

Sapna writes reviews on hair care and beauty products,
There super informative so go look!

So that was my third liebster award!
Thank you again to Sally for nominating me,these awards are great ways to find new blogs,and get more involved within the blogging community!

Stay Safe & Speak Soon


  1. Thank you for nominating me Kate! Excited to do this! Xx

    1. No problem hun :) Look forward to reading your answers xo

  2. Great post, thanks for nominating me hun!
    I've actually already done it, and you can check that on my blog, unfortunately not with your questions :( Ive been nominated so many times after my original post, that I just don't have time to do them!
    Love your answers though, and that dress is just beautiful!